Hello All.

When i started working with infrastructure, (many moons ago!), everything was so secretive!. In the days of yore you either needed a friend in the ecosystem or spend thousands of dollars on books.

We are privileged to live in an era where knowledge is accessible online and those like me who come from a self taught background are not seen like the odd people anymore.

My background has always been Backend/SRE/DevOps or SysAdmin like in the old days and after becoming a leading member of Vue Vixens, i’ve always strived to share the best of all words, making content to help every sector of the ecosystem have an easier introduction to tools like Docker & Kubernetes, Deployment tips for frontenders, introduction to automation tools like terraform and ansible and also security & identity.

I am in the process of updating this website so you can find a directory with all the materials including, articles, podcasts and recorded talks. This will take me a little while but i am always available to chat! you can find me on slack (Vue Vixens, WWC Atlanta, Devs@RTP) or on twitter.

If you see me at a conference come and say hi!!